Galaxy S5 camera error: here's how to "fix" it

If you have a Verizon* Samsung Galaxy S5 and you're experiencing a camera error this week, you're not alone. Several – an unknown number, that is – users have reportedly had what's likely the same problem as you're having. In addition to the error: "Warning: Camera Failed," the back-facing camera simply does not work.

Things you could try that others have tried and failed at include force stopping the camera app, clearing data, clearing cache, and clearing defaults. Factory resetting the Galaxy S5 doesn't seem to have an effect, neither does working with the device through Recovery (a bit more advanced than the average user).

Even installing camera apps from the Google Play app store doesn't seem to have an effect on this camera app – so what's to be done?

* UPDATE: Reports are now surfacing of the Sprint version of the Galaxy S5 having this issue as well.

Some options you've got if you're in the mood for returning or exchanging the device are as follows:

1. Under 15 days from purchase, you can return the device (no questions asked) to Best Buy (supposing you bought it there).2. According to a Verizon spokesperson, users should take to Twitter, contacting @VZWsupport "and we'll work to resolve it, including replacing the device."3. Contacting Samsung with the phone number 1-888-987-4357 will connect you to their support desk where you'll be able to exchange your device under their Limited Warranty.

Under no circumstances should you try to take the device apart yourself or smash it with a hammer. Samsung is aware of this (seemingly limited) problem and should be more than willing to take care of it.