Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Galaxy Camera vs iPhone 5 vs Nokia 808 hardware photos leak

Chris Burns - Jun 14, 2013
Galaxy S4 Zoom vs Galaxy Camera vs iPhone 5 vs Nokia 808 hardware photos leak

It would appear that someone in China has gotten their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, a smartphone/camera hybrid unveiled earlier this month and set to be shown to the press in full on the 20th of this month. What they’ve done – like any good tech reporter with every single phone in the world in their drawer would – is to take a few comparison photos of the Galaxy S4 Zoom alongside some of the most notable photo-taking pocketables of the day: the Samsung Galaxy Camera (original), Nokia 808 PureView, and the iPhone 5.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, the user will be getting a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display on the back alongside a home button, menu button, and back button and top earphone grille that, all together, make this amalgamation look strikingly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Up front is a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 24-240mm 10x optical zoom, with an F3.1-F6.3 lens.


As you’ll see in the photos above and below, this machine is quite similar in size to the Nokia 808 PureView – a smartphone that was made to show off the possibilities in smartphone camera technology with its own 41-megapixel sensor.


The Galaxy S4 Zoom is shown to be reminiscent in style to the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but is clearly meant to be a slightly more pocket-friendly device with a slimming of all the edges with an ever-so-slightly thinner short end as well.


Compared to the iPhone 5 from Apple… well… there’s not really much of a comparison to make other than the obvious bits and pieces. They’re both white, their screen sizes are similar, but not the same (that’s an optical illusion you’re seeing, the iPhone 5’s display is 4-inches, not 4.3 as the Galaxy S4 Zoom comes in with), and they’re both able to take photos as well as act as phones.

We’ll have to wait for this device to hit the SlashGear review bench to see how well its photography skills measure up with these competitors – and yes, we’ve got them all ready to roll when the time comes!

UPDATE: It would appear that these images were originally posted by the publication Hi-Tech in a very early hands-friendly experience. Pay no attention to the original source as they’d not sourced their source in kind.

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