Galaxy Note 9 tipped bringing a gift (you choose)

Chris Burns - Aug 6, 2018, 3:34pm CDT
Galaxy Note 9 tipped bringing a gift (you choose)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wasn’t always going to feel like such a big-time release. At one point the Galaxy Note 9 was going to be a yearly bump in specs, bringing heat with a couple new S Pen features, maybe a new color. That’s about it. Now, here just before the reveal and Galaxy Note 9 release date, Samsung’s been tipped to bring all sort of incentives to the party.

Wireless AKG noise-cancelling headphones OR

One options for an incentive bonus for early buyers of the Galaxy Note 9 – pre-orders, probably, is a pair of AKG headphones. There’s a chance we’ll see something like the Gear IconX 2018 or the AKG N60NC Wirless headphones. The AKG headphones are currently “on back order” in AKG by Harman’s listing, scheduled for 8/28/2018. That’d fit REAL nice with the likely in-store release date of the Galaxy Note 9: August 24th. Have a peek at a video about these headphones below.

The headphones noted above were first revealed last year – but they’re headphones. Good audio is good audio, and good industrial design is forever fresh. Also, AKG-tuned wired earbuds are included in the box with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. We’re expecting something similar for the Galaxy Note 9. But with the launch of the smartphone, it’s quite possible users will be given an over-ear or on-ear pair of headphones with AKG certification, too.

Fortnite Gaming package

In the Fortnite Gaming package, users will be given a load of in-game cash to further push themselves over the line to dominance in-game. It’s not enough that Samsung smartphone and tablet users will get to play the game before any other Android device. The most heavily addicted players will also opt-in on the Fortnite package for the phone.

• 15,000 V-Bucks
• Samsung Galaxy Skins
• Samsung Galaxy Emotes

Above you’ll see a few more bits and pieces that are quite likely coming to Galaxy Note or Tab 4 users. It’s not clear beyond the V-Bucks what’ll be included in the promo right out the gate. Aside from anonymous sources familiar with the subject right now, we’ll know for sure, and publicly, on the 9th of August.

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