Galaxy Note 7 secret detail to out-thin iPhone 7

The secret weapon of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may have been revealed in an analyst column sent out to industry officials in Korea just this past week. The appearance of "Y-OCTA", a technology that Samsung will have been developing for several years at least, nearly went without notice. A publication by the name of KIPOST, or The Korea Industry Post, revealed that Samsung would first apply this technology on the Galaxy Note sequel (called that due to Samsung not having revealed the name until just yesterday).

While Samsung's secret weapon on the Galaxy Note 7 could be something obvious like an Iris Scanner for security, the behind-the-scenes addition of a touch display tech might be the real game-changer. With this Y-OCTA technology, Samsung could be integrating touch capabilities within their displays.

A (relatively badly translated) segment from the report goes as follows: "add-on type manufactured by replacing the touch sensor was integrated into the display, and aims to achieve a just frivolous digestion and reduce costs at the same time."

We can't imagine this will have any effect on the final pricing of the Galaxy Note 7, but may decrease costs for Samsung on the back end.

This would – or will, according to the KIPOST create an "inevitable firestorm" amongst 3rd-party partners who would otherwise supply touch sensors to Samsung – and other partners that work with Samsung for displays, like OnePlus for the OnePlus 3 and Oculus for the Oculus Rift.

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At this time it's not entirely clear how much thinner this will make the Galaxy Note series.

It's not as if the Galaxy Note were ever a smartphone that lead the way in thinness in the smartphone industry – but if we think about the future, down the road a few months with the Galaxy S8, there we might see some actual mega-thin action going on.

Now with the Galaxy Note 7 coming to light on August 2nd, 2016, we'll also be seeing Samsung reveal the device well before Apple shows off their next iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices to the public.

That'd create a space of a month or two, at least, of just Samsung with their high-end phablet-sized smartphone, taking the market with their latest technology in displays and stylus (S Pen) action.