Galaxy Nexus hits the FCC, Verizon launch incoming

This week the next Google hero phone Galaxy Nexus, as manufactured by Samsung, can be seen passing through the FCC with 4G LTE capabilities, this signaling that the impending launch of said phone might not be too far off. As you know we've gotten more than one hands-on experience with this device already, once in Hong Kong and another time in London where we got to compare it to the other Samsung hero coming up: the Galaxy Note. We can expect a release date for this device to be something soon, more than likely inside November.

Of course the so-called delayed release of this device has been attributed to several factors, one of them the seemingly ill-prepared face-unlock sequence, another the release of the current hero phone for Verizon, that being the Motorola-made DROID RAZR. Word has it that this Galaxy Nexus device will be dropping inside one of three dates: November 17th, November 21st, or somewhere inside December. All you need to know is that it'll be out inside 2011 : that's never been contested.

As for how neat this device actually is in the flesh, we've got you fully covered. Not only do we have a hands-on look at the device as it appears in the chassis, we've got a hands-on look at the system its running – Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and we've got no less than a hands-on comparison between the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note. Did you know you'd get such a delicious dish of videos when you popped in this post? I think not!

Galaxy Nexus hands-on

Ice Cream Sandwich hands-on with Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Galaxy Nexus

[via Android Community]