FujiFilm X-M1 interchangeable-lens camera unveiled with APS-C X-Trans sensor

At CES 2012, FujiFilm's X-Pro1 interchangeable-lens camera was officially unveiled, bringing with it a 16-megapixel APS-C X-Trans sensor. Fast-forward to last Friday, and we saw the FufiFilm X-M1 leak with specs suggesting it would harbor that same sensor. With today's unveiling, that leak has been substantiated, with the X-M1 offering the same sensor as the X-Pro1 alongside a significantly smaller price tag of $699.95 USD.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the camera is the APS-C X-Trans 16.3-megapixel sensor, which is proprietary to FujiFilm and offers image quality above what you get from the average compact camera – it is similar to a full-frame sensor, and eschews optical low pass filters via a specialized color filter array. The regular ISO ranges from 200 to 6400, while the extend range boosts that from 100 to 25,600.

The compact camera operates with an EXR Processor II, bringing with it a start up time and shutter lag of half a second, while burst capture mode can be ramped up to 5.6fps. There's a Super i-Flash, which meters lighting based on the scene, with the integrated flash being the equivalent of Guide Number 7. The LCD measures in at 3-inches with 920k dots and a hinge for tilting. Overall, the unit weighs 330 grams, can be nabbed in brown, black, and silver colors.

As far as design goes, FujiFilm went for a retro styling in combination with one-handed functionality, laying out the controls in such a way that the camera can be used with a single hand if necessary – assuming you're right-handed. There are two command dials that control shutter speed, aperture, and other similar settings, as well as buttons dedicated to common functions like macro and white balance.

As far as connectivity goes, the X-M1 offers wireless image transfer to a mobile device or tablet PC through an integrated feature that works alongside the FujiFilm Camera App. Images and videos can be transferred from both the mobile device and the camera; using the smartphone or tablet to pull over images allows them to be previewed first. And speaking of smartphones, as with many new camera releases, the X-M1 offers camera filters and effects like you'd find from photography apps.

Lenses will be available in silver and black. Accessories will include a hand grip, removable flash, and leather case. Slated for release in July.

SOURCE: FujiFilm