Fruitspensor with Energy Efficient Ways

Chris Burns - Nov 1, 2010
Fruitspensor with Energy Efficient Ways

Remember not that long ago, as in just a few days ago, when I posted a story about the wackiness of a Banana Dispensing Machine? That ain’t as wacky as some (I) may have thought. Turns out the folks over at Healthy Vending have developed a machine that not uses 35-50% less energy than your average pop-dispensing machine, it’s ready to dispense anything from granola bars to orange juice to fruit. It’s cheap, it’s efficient, and it’s aimed at offices.

So you’ve got your Urban Camouflage Vending Machine Costumes, your Technology Dispensers, and your Mix on the Spot Froobee machines, but do you have a “H.U.M.A.N.” machine? It stands for Helping Unite Man and Nutrition and it aims to do just that, in a friendly yet somehow pushy branded machine!

How does it reduce your energy usage? Features like LED lighting, triple paned glass, a more efficient cooling system than your average machine, and yes, it helps you workers too. With a much healthier menu with things like granola bars and healthy juices, with an emphasis on local produce.

What could be better than this? Probably the Pizza Vending Machine. Probably that would win in a fight, if there were a vending machine battle. Pizza machine forever.

[Via Good Clean Tech]

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