The pizza vending machine may be the greatest thing ever

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 1, 2007

Yes, the day I have been dreaming of is finally here. I can actually walk up to a vending machine and order a pizza. Even better, it’ll spit it out in under two minutes.
Wonderpizza is making a pizza vending machine. It houses up to 102 pizzas in it’s freezer chamber, and cooks them in a separate oven chamber (they’re not microwaved) in just under two minutes. You can select from 3 different flavors, and even select how crispy you want your crust to be.

The big question is price. The manufacturer suggests a price of $5-$6. That’s not bad, especially if you want pizza in a hurry.

Pizza vending machines? File this one under ‘wildest fantasy’
[via crave]

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