Just press ‘A5’ for a 1GB SD card

Chris Scott Barr - Apr 12, 2007

It seems like there are less reasons to go into stores and deal unpleasant salesmen these days. This is because you can get practically everything you could ever need from a vending machine. Think of it, you can get food, drinks, iPods and flash memory without ever having to interact with another human being.

What, you haven’t seen a vending machine that drops flash memory? That’s because the first one wasn’t installed until this past Monday. You’re welcome to see it at London Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal. That’s right, it’s over in the UK.

Kingston has heard the cries of consumers that want access to flash memory at any time, day or night. So they are going to be installing vending machines in high-traffic areas around the UK. This will be great for people on vacation that need to squeeze off a few more pictures and don’t feel like talking to foreign salesmen. No word on whether they have any plans to bring these over to the US.

Kingston Joins Vending Machine Biz [via gizmodo]

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