Fortnite Android download: A new way to Beta today

There's a new way to get in on the Fortnite Android beta just released to the web today. This new method involves getting yourself banned from ever playing the game again on any platform with your original account. But there's a LEGIT way to get in on the Beta, so let's discuss both the way that's right as well as the way that's wrong.

The Wrong Way

More than one "new way" or "new APK" or "hacked app file" for Fortnite was released over the weekend, and at least one more was released just this morning. Avoid these files, for all that is holy and precious to you, the Fortnite gamer. You will be sad upon finding your device banned from Epic Games servers forevermore should you choose to partake in such a manner.

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Do not download the files provided to you by a Twitter link. Do not find a link on "Best New APK files" dot com – or on any other site you've never been to before. Seek thou only the developers which ye hath partaken in before this day, I beseech thee! Everyone else is dropping malicious files aplenty.

The worst thing that could happen here isn't that Epic Games will ban you – that's actually the least of your worries. The worst thing that could potentially happen is that you download a malicious APK file that loads to your device and asks for permissions which you gladly hand over in hopes of playing Fortnite.

Once permissions are granted, your digital life is commanded from top to bottom. Imagine all the activities and information you access on a daily basis on your smartphone – you don't want that in the hands of someone you don't know. Don't trust strangers!

NOTE: I won't be linking to any of the files released over the weekend nor will I point out the source of the file (or files) released today. There's no point in bringing any person closer to those sources, for any attention is good attention when you're good at making people believe you're legit. The danger there is too great, and I wouldn't deliver such a link to anyone I hold dear.

The Right Way

Head over to the LEGIT Epic Games Fortnite Beta website right this minute. There you'll be asked to input your email address. When the time is right, you'll gain access to the Beta for Fortnite on your Android device and you'll be delivered the link to the game file as hosted by Epic Games.

Make certain you're only at EPIC GAMES DOT COM before you do anything weird. That's three letter "W", dot, Epic Games, dot, com, slash a bunch of other stuff. Once you're at Epic Games official site, you won't be steered wrong. Therein ye shall find the links you seek.

ALSO if you're using an iOS device, you can get the game from iTunes. It's been out for a few weeks. If you have a Samsung smartphone that was released in the last few years, you can also probably download the game on Samsung app store direct from your phone – there it is! Beta style.