Fortnite is finally back up

Last night, Epic Games had to take Fortnite's servers down to perform emergency maintenance. What players were expecting to be a relatively short period of downtime then expanded into the early morning hours. It was clear that Epic had quite the issue on its hands, and the whole time, it wasn't able to give an ETA on when the servers would be back up.

If you were expecting that you'd be able to wake up this morning and log into Fortnite, you were met with even more disappointing news. Last night's problems persisted well into today, with Epic identifying a database failure as the root of the issue. Though the company thought it had figured the issue out, it quickly had to put the servers into emergency maintenance again, much to the chagrin of users who wanted to play a few rounds.

The good news is that it seems Epic has finally solved the problem. A couple of hours ago, Epic sent word that it was beginning to see improvement across all of Fortnite's platforms, and that the ability to log in and play would slowly be coming back. Stability has been getting better in the time since then, and just a few minutes ago, Epic tweeted that Fortnite Battle Royale is officially up and running once more.

In all, Fortnite's servers were experiencing issues for almost 24 hours, which is a major outage for a game that's as popular as it is. The fact that no one was playing for such a long time is more than just an annoying occurrence for players, as it also represents a lot of lost revenue for Epic. When you consider that Fortnite has pulled in as much as $1.8 million per day on iOS alone, having a day-long outage for all platforms is a ton of money lost.

At the very least, this unfortunate outage was probably a great thing for Boss Key Productions, as many streamers played its new battle royale title, Radical Heights, while they waited for Fortnite to come back online. In any case, the hope is that we're done with sudden Fortnite server instability for the foreseeable future. For now, hop on the battle bus and try to get those wins.