Foldable screen Motorola Razr tipped for Q4 2019

Chris Burns - Sep 27, 2019, 3:51pm CDT
Foldable screen Motorola Razr tipped for Q4 2019

Today the still-in-production Motorola foldable display-toting smartphone was tipped to appear by the end of 2019. This smartphone was tipped earlier this year when we first started talking about foldable displays on smartphones as a reality for the year. Then it was suggested that the phone would be released this summer. Those times have come and gone – what’s different about this latest rumor?

A source “close to the company” (“the company” here referring to Motorola) spoke this week with CNET, suggesting that the Motorola foldable smartphone would appear by the end of the year. It’s important to note that the phone won’t necessarily be out for sale by the time December is over. Instead, the most likely plan is to hold a press event year’s end, showing a foldable Motorola smartphone that’ll be available for sale in the year 2020.

NOTE: Imagery above comes from a Weibo account, posted all the way back in April of 2019. This is not necessarily an official Motorola-made image, and far more likely a mockup based on official Motorola patents of the same device. Take a peek at the original story and see a few more angles.

Earlier rumors suggested that the Motorola foldable smartphone – the first of what might be a line of said phones – would be branded with the name Razr. The Razr brand name took shape first with the original Razr flip phone, years before the smartphone completely dominated the mobile phone market.

Back in the year 2011, Verizon teamed with Motorola to release the Motorola DROID RAZR as a flat-screened Android smartphone. Now, it seems, Motorola’s ready to bring said brand back AGAIN, this time with the latest fad in smartphone tech – the foldable display.

It’s quite likely that Motorola’s taken their time revealing and/or releasing their first foldable smartphone due in no small part to the troubles Samsung’s had over the past few week and months. In April it was discovered that the display on the first wave of Galaxy Fold review units wasn’t exactly ready for consumer sales. Here in September, just as sales are set to start, once again there’s a bit of trouble brewing. That’s not the sort of situation in which Motorola, or its parent company Lenovo, will likely want to find themselves embroiled.

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