Galaxy Fold display damage shows up after one day of use

Ewdison Then - Sep 26, 2019, 8:56pm CDT
Galaxy Fold display damage shows up after one day of use

There’s a reason Samsung is putting out videos and articles on how to properly take care of and use its foldable phone. The Galaxy Fold is probably the most fragile phone in the market today and everything that you knew about smartphones, Android or otherwise, may not all apply. That, however, may also apply to the way the Galaxy Fold is made in the first place, as one early owner of the phone unfortunately discovered.

After the catastrophic first day of the Galaxy Fold in the hands of reviewers and influencers, Samsung has taken great pains to make sure that users understand how to take care of the phone. That includes not pressing on the soft display too hard or putting it near water and dust. Unfortunately, those only apply to users and assemblers and manufacturers need to have their own quality standards to follow.

TechCrunch’s Brian Heater discovered to his misfortune a small blob right in the middle of the screen. This appeared just one day after using the newly redesigned and supposedly improved Galaxy Fold. Ironically, Heater’s first sample Galaxy Fold was one of the few units that survived the first round of tests but had to be given up when Samsung recalled the phones.

Heater’s theory is that the speck may have been caused by a combination of a manufacturing defect and the act of folding the device while pressing the display. While Samsung does caution against putting too much pressure on the fragile flexible screen, it should expect that users will press the screen, especially when trying to fold the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung has, for the second time, taken back the device to investigate what went wrong. Admittedly, it is the first report of a problem with the re-launched Galaxy Fold, or at least the first public one. With the Galaxy Fold launching in the US this Friday, we’ll see if there will be more in the days to come.

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