First-gen iPad refurb stock dwindles (but bargains still to be had)

The time to scoop a cut-price first-gen iPad is fast running out, as Apple's remaining stock – discounted since the launch of the iPad 2 – dwindles. The iPad WiFi 16GB, which was slashed to $349, is now no longer available, making the cheapest "iPad 1" now the WiFi 32GB model at $429, still $70 cheaper than the entry-level 16GB iPad 2.

If it's an iPad WiFi + 3G you're after, the 16GB first-gen model is $479. That's $150 less than the iPad 2 models equipped with 3G, though of course you won't get the option to pick Verizon as your data carrier.

The differences between the iPad 1 and iPad 2 are all laid out in our comparison feature, and we talk a more about the upgrade process in our iPad 2 Skeptic's Review. You may not have the fastest Apple tablet, or a couple of (low-res) cameras, but cash left over in your wallet may be enough to salve any envy.

[via Macgasm]