Ferrari Testarossa restomod by Officine Fioravanti has an updated 503HP flat-12 engine

Restomods are currently the crème of the crop, and they are everywhere. However, this Ferrari Testarossa restomod is a genuine article. You won't find a sliver of carbon fiber in this beauty (because carbon fiber was too exotic back in the eighties). Still, it does get a revised Ferrari flat-12 engine pumping out 503 Italian horsepower, capable of spinning to an astonishing 9,000 rpm.

This Ferrari Testarossa restomod is the first project of Swiss auto builder Officine Fioravanti. Last May, we first heard about this car when Officine Fioravanti announced it's working on a vintage Testarossa capable of reaching a 201 mph top speed. To achieve that, the folks at OF focused their attention on what matters most: the engine.

Specifically, we're talking about Ferrari's legendary 4.9-liter flat-12 motor. The Ferrari Testarossa had 385 horsepower, a rear-mounted five-speed manual gearbox, and a 180 mph top speed in stock form. But after receiving a host of modern engine internals, it now has 503 horsepower and enough torque to scare the bejesus out of you. Add in the standard valve-controlled Inconel exhaust system, and what you get is a vintage Ferrari with the performance merits of a modern supercar.

Officine Fioravanti started with an early model Testarossa Monospecchio (single mirror) Monodado, the most desirable of the lot. The entire body is stock except for some new 17-inch front and 18-inch wheels. But underneath, it has Brembo brakes with ABS, Ohlins electronically-adjustable dampers, a nose-lift system, and 12-stage traction control to keep the shiny bits upright. The most impressive part is Officine Fioravanti did all of it while shedding 130kg (287 pounds) of weight over the original car.

Meanwhile, the interior is home to a few modern updates. Most of the brittle plastic switches are now aluminum, while the stock radio bids adieu to make room for a new audio system with standard Apple CarPlay. It even has an old-school cellular phone, but it now has Bluetooth, so you can make or receive calls without placing the darn thing near your ear. Other standard goodies include brown cowhide upholstery, USB-C charging, and a posh luggage kit.

We have no word on production numbers or how much it costs. But we do know Officine Fioravanti won't be making a lot of Ferrari Testarossa restomods and that each would probably cost a ton of money.

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