Restomod Ferrari Testarossa aims for 200 mph

The 80s was the heyday for TV shows and movies where cars were as much a character as the actors. One of the more iconic 80s cars was the Ferrari Testarossa featured heavily in the extremely popular "Miami Vice" series. A Swiss tuning firm is taking that iconic 1980s vehicle and giving it a restoration along with some modification known as a restomod.

While the Testarossa was certainly a fast car in its day, it's not up to supercar levels of performance by modern standards. A Swiss tuning company called Officine Fioravanti is taking what appears to be a very good condition Testarossa and making it faster than when new.

The car will maintain the iconic styling on the outside and include modifications to improve the driving experience. The key modification is increasing the performance of the 4.9-liter flat-12 cylinder engine. Changes to the powertrain will include a titanium exhaust system. The car will also get improved stopping power with Brembo antilock brakes and traction control.

Handling is being improved via electronic Ohlins dampers with adjustable anti-roll bars. The car is also getting new alloy wheels and GT3-class racing tires. The tuning firm says that it has shed 260 pounds of weight from the car and hopes to exceed 200 mph. When new, the Testarossa topped out at 180 mph.

The interior is getting a reworking with new Italian leather and all of the plastic switchgear, which is known for not holding up an old Ferrari's, being replaced with milled aluminum components. The car will also get a modern infotainment system. It's unclear how many of these restored and modified vehicles Officine Fioravanti will make or how much they will cost. What is clear is that this is a fantastic project, and we can't wait to see it completed.