Feno Notebook Concept Features Unique Folding Design

Rue Liu - May 3, 2011
Feno Notebook Concept Features Unique Folding Design

We’ve seen a good deal of design concepts that incorporate some sort of folding method to create a hybrid device and improve portability such as with the LG Tryptych folding smartphone/tablet concept. And despite tablet and smartphone combos being the rage right now, the Feno concept designed by Niels Van Hoof goes back to tackling the good old notebook. His foldable notebook design features a unique folding method that makes the portable size just slightly wider than the diameter of a DVD.

The Feno design concept is very Apple-esque in its clean and sleek aluminum look, although its renderings are showing a Windows desktop. But what makes it unique is that the concept involves folding into thirds, with the screen being folded in half right through the center. Van Hoof imagines utilizing flexible OLED display technology to allow the screen to be wrapped around the body of the notebook. A unique hinge with a curved cavity lets the screen bend without creasing.

The keyboard area is shortened by removing the typical trackpad and replacing it with a small portable mouse that can be inserted into the side of the notebook. Van Hoof claims that the shortened keyboard depth also allows folks to type without having to rest their wrists on a flat surface, thus making for better ergonomics.

Hopefully, when flexible OLED displays become standard, we wont have to deal with the annoying split-screen effect of the Kyocera Echo and the Sony S2.

[via Yanko Design]

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