Sony Teaser Video For S1 And S2 Android Tablets

Despite recent woes on the PlayStation Network front, Sony officially announced its first two contenders to enter the tablet battlefront. Codenamed S1 and S2, the two Android Honeycomb tablets will be powerful Tegra 2 dual-core devices geared for PlayStation gaming. Following Sony's announcement, they unleashed a teaser video for the duo. Watch it after the cut.

The Sony S1 is the bigger of the two, featuring a 9.4-inch touchscreen and a unique tablet shape reminiscent of an open magazine with the cover folded back. A leaked diagram of this form factor was revealed earlier this month. The S2 features a clamshell form factor with two 5.5-inch touchscreens that fold close for easier portability. It will have a custom book-style UI layout to take full advantage of the dual screens, which reminds us of the Kyocera Echo. Both the S1 and S2 will be WiFi and 3G/4G compatible.

Powered by the Tegra 2 dual core processor chip, the S1 and S2 will have access to certain PlayStation One games as well as access to content from the PlayStation Suite. But seeing how things are going down with the PlayStation Network right now, what are your thoughts on the new S1 and S2 as well as the PlayStation Suite?

[via IntoMobile]