Fan-made Pokemon Uranium is here, but it may not be around for long

We've still got a little while to wait before Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive for the 3DS, but if you're itching to go on a new Pokemon adventure, a new fan-made game might be just what you're looking for. Pokemon Uranium has finally launched on PC after spending a whopping nine years in development, but you may want to grab it quickly, because it might not be around for long.

Nintendo has made it pretty clear that it will aggressively pursue the takedown of fan initiatives using its IP, and there's no reason to believe that Pokemon Uranium will be any different. It's a shame, as Pokemon Uranium looks to be one of the most impressive fan-made Pokemon releases ever, with 150 new monsters and a new region called Tandor for players to explore.

The good news for worried fans is that Nintendo won't be able to wipe the game from the face of the internet entirely, as it's already been finished and uploaded. That's the point of no return for these fan-made games, because now that it's out in the wild, you can bet that players will keep Pokemon Uranium alive through various re-uploads, regardless of what may happen to the "official" version.

Still, if you'd like to grab the game directly from the developers, it's best to do it now, as a takedown notice is almost certainly incoming. Funnily enough, Pokemon Uranium's website is down at the moment, but a look at the game's Twitter page shows that the developers have been experiencing some server issues – so no dastardly deeds on the part of Nintendo, at least not yet. Alternate sources for the download can be found by visiting Uranium's Twitter page through the source link below.

SOURCE: @PokemonUranium