Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game that looks official

There have been hoards of Pokemon games made over the years and some of them are very hard to find today if you want to play them. Some fans got together several years back and decided to make their own Pokemon game and dubbed it Pokemon Uranium. To say the project was ambitious would be an understatement.

The game is set in a tropical environment and has the classic look of a Pokemon game. Having not played Pokemon game personally, it reminds me a lot of some Legend of Zelda games in style and art. The developers of the game went so far as to create over 150 new and custom Pokemon for players to catch.

One of the cool parts that fans of the franchise will like is that you can talk to your creatures and there is a new class of Pokemon called nuclear Pokemon (Pokemon Uranium- get it now?). Version 1.0 of the game has just launched and along with it comes a cool trailer that you can check out at the bottom of this story. One of the big features of the game is support for online trading and battling of other players.

The game needs no Nintendo console or portable, it is an .exe file meant to be played on your PC. If you ever wanted a Pokemon game on your PC this may be as close as you will get. If you want to get to playing with some nuclear Pokemon, you can download the game here or here. The servers handling the downloads have reportedly been overloaded a bit since the game launched. I'm sure there will be some out there wondering about the legal issues this game may encounter. Nintendo generally isn't big on people infringing its IP.

Download: Pokemon Uranium

via: Kotaku