Fallout 4 countdown: is this just an Android game?

This morning Bethesda Softworks started the countdown to Fallout 4 – or so it would seem. Through their main Fallout portal online, they've begun a countdown not unlike what they did – in a low key manner – for both Fallout 3 and the Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage. That DLC was released all the way back in 2009. Videos for these releases are attached to code inside the pages up on BethSoft right this minute. So wait a second, Bethesda Softworks, are you releasing a new game, or are you – like several companies over the past few weeks – releasing your already-completed game Fallout 3 to the mobile universe?

The countdown meter you see on BethSoft is set for 10AM Eastern time. That means you're going to need to be pumped up pretty gosh darned early if you live on the West Coast. That time in all the different time zones in the United States is as follows:

• 10AM Eastern Time

• 9AM Central Time

• 8AM Mountain Time

• 7AM Pacific Time

Everyone in California get your coffee out.

Set those burners for EARLY time.

Expect the following message to pop up when the timer goes down for a short period before the first message is released on the game itself. This bit is embedded in the guts of the website now, prepped for 404 action:

"PA system failure has occured. Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed for security purposes. Please attempt re-access. Have a pleasant day."

You'll also find a Javascript file called Institute in the website guts – Boston confirmed? More likely a drop on behalf of the creators of the site, left for those as obsessed as we.

Just as likely as a Fallout 4 release is the release of Fallout 3 for Android. Remember how Crysis 3 as well as DOOM 3 BFG Edition and Borderlands are headed to NVIDIA SHIELD. That runs Android TV.

[Have a peek at our NVIDIA SHIELD review to see more DOOM BFG Edition for now - expect more in the future.]

What do you think? Is it time for Fallout 4?

Or is it time for another port?