eviGroup's Wallet MID gets first hands-on play [Video]

We've been watching the development of eviGroup's Wallet MID with no small amount of interest; after all, while Android-based touchscreen handhelds seem ten a penny lately, it's still quite rare for them to have a release date attached.  Nowhere Else's Stagueve is conveniently in France to stop by the eviGroup offices and have a play with the prototype; check out his hands-on video and some first-impressions after the cut.

Aside from the absence of Bluetooth – which seems to be a victim of fitting both WiFi and 3G yet trying to keep costs down – and the relatively low resolution 2-megapixel camera, the Wallet makes a good first impression.  It's still a prototype, certainly, but if eviGroup can keep to the roughly €300 tag (which presumably will end up subsidized by carriers; the company intend offering it as a white label product) Stagueve reckons Android is the perfect platform for these crossover smartphone/internet tablet devices.

The timeline is still pointing to a release in late December or early January 2010, with a launch in France first before broader European availability.  Check here for full specs and here for eviGroup's own video of the Wallet.