Dune 2 greenlit, as if there were any doubt

The first Dune movie released by Legendary and Warner Bros was given the go-ahead for a sequel. The Dune sequel, AKA Dune: Part Two, has an expected theatrical window of October 2023. This should give us just enough time to view the first movie in its entirety.

Dune can be seen on HBO Max and in theaters right this minute. If you've not seen Dune yet, but were interested enough in a sequel to read this article, what are you waiting for? The first movie is gigantic, bombastic, and most certainly worth the effort in viewing. This movie is everything we'd been waiting for in a real-deal Dune film that is everything its director and creators envisioned.

Before now, Dune was thought "unfilmable." We got nervous when, back in October of 2020, Dune was delayed for what seemed like the millionth time – but was only really the first, as far as release date delays go. At that time I told you all to watch Jodorowski's Dune while we waited for the new Dune to be released.

It was announced by Legendary this afternoon that Dune Part Two would be made, for real, officially. Per Legendary, "Thank you to those who have experienced @dunemovie so far, and those who are going in the days and weeks ahead. We're excited to continue the journey!"

Dune (2021) is a masterpiece in its scope and execution, faithfulness to its source material and translation to the big screen. The creators of this film aren't likely currently thrilled that some viewers (or quite possibly a whole lot of viewers) are seeing this movie at home on their big-screen TV, rather than in a movie theater. The movie is big – made to be viewed in a very big way. The bigger, the better.

It's expected that the second film will be made to be viewed massive as well – just as much or more than the first bit. Given the success the first film has had in the short time it's been available for viewing, it would not be shocking to see more than one sequel. At the moment, it's expected that just one sequel will do the trick, but as we know when it comes to any Dune property: anything is possible.