DUNE delayed until 2021: Jodorowski while we wait

The latest iteration of the Frank Herbert story DUNE will no longer be released in December of 2020. Instead, the release date for DUNE, the newest DUNE, will be approximately a year (minus a few days) from today. That'll be October 1, 2021, when we'll (hopefully) be out of this global pandemic long enough to head in to a movie theater to see the film as it was made to be seen.

The newest version of Dune was directed by Denis Villeneueve, and delivered by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. This move pushes DUNE to the current scheduled release date of the Robert Pattinson Batman movie "The Batman" directed by Matt Reeves. So, as the source for the move for DUNE (Collider's Jeff Sneider) suggests, we might soon see a different date for the release of The Batman, as well.

As it is with all theater-intended movies coming out in the next few weeks and months, it should not come as a shock that they'll VERY POSSIBLY be moved to a different release date, or sent directly to digital platforms. That'll be the real trick, deciding where a company can make the biggest impact, especially if they've got a movie already filmed and ready to roll right now.

While you're waiting another YEAR for DUNE to be released, why not take a peek at the most superior DUNE film released already? That is, of course, Jodorowsky's Dune, a documentary about the greatest film never made. Jodorowsky's Dune had the potential to be the biggest pack of major artists and graphics and storytelling the world's ever seen – but it became too big for its own good, and collapsed before it could be filmed.

We're to understand that the Villeneuve DUNE is far enough along the production line that it's certainly set for release. None of this "could have been if we just had a whole bunch more money and a little more action from people who've never been in a movie before business."