DIY AR headset is a home-made Vuzix WRAP 920AR

Vuzix's WRAP 920AR, Kopin's Golden-i, even Apple looks to be considering getting in on the augmented reality bandwagon.  If you can't be bothered waiting for an off-the-shelf system, then how about making your own headset that overlays digital graphics onto a real-world view?  F00 at Tailor Made Toys took an Eye-Trek video headset and embedded a laptop webcam into the bridge, then hooked up an Eee PC for running AR software.

The Eye-Trek casing is big enough to take a laptop webcam assembly with little fettling, and that hooks up directly via USB to the netbook.  F00 fitted a mini USB port so that he can switch out different lengths of USB cable; usually the Eee PC slips into his rucksack.

As for what it can be used for, an app called Camspace allows you to control the netbook using hand gestures, and F00 plans to add GPS functionality showing on-screen coordinates in the top corner of the display.  In fact the only problem is that you'll look vaguely ridiculous all the time, though you could always add some AR functionality that overlays happy expressions over their incredulous faces.

[via Hack A Day]