Did you buy an iPhone 4S today?

Today's the day that everyone who ordered an iPhone 4S OR headed out to an Apple store in the wee hours of the morning to purchase will be getting their handsets. We've got just the posts that'll help you decide whether or not you're going to participate in this social movement if you're still on the fence, including a full review of the iPhone 4S and a full review of the operating system iOS 5 on the device as well as a review roundup from amongst those chosen to have a look at the device before anybody else. Meanwhile there's those of you who've already decided – here we ask you, what did you choose? Why?

If you were amongst those who decided that they would head to the store today to pick up the newly released iPhone 4S, tell us why! And tell us about your experience – were you in line starting in the early early morning hours, or were you in a location that had no trouble serving you? And then the million dollar question: what do you think about the phone now that you've got it in your hands?

Conversely, if you're not one of the folks deciding they're in on this purchase party with the iPhone 4S, why not? Are you an Android sort of person, or do you already have a phone attached to a 2-year contract you can't get out of? Maybe you're in with the Windows Phone 7 crowd, or maybe Nokia has your number. Or, god forbid, you don't event WANT a smartphone to begin with?

Post your impromptu reviews and opinons below, and help those in limbo decide their fate!