Dell Inspiron 910 netbook confirmed for Thursday 4th says WSJ

Chris Davies - Sep 3, 2008

Dell having grudgingly confirmed that the Inspiron 910 netbook is coming this week, now the Wall Street Journal has stepped in with an email from that confirms it will specifically drop on Thursday 4th., an online file store and collaborative workspace, was also confirmed to be preinstalled on the netbook

According to “one person familiar with the matter” quoted in the WSJ piece, the Inspiron 910 will likely sell for less than $400.  That’s a higher figure than many would like to see; the netbook was originally rumored to launch at $299, although Dell themselves never mentioned such a price.

Engadget have spotted that the Dell support material for the Inspiron 910 keyboard has once again changed, with a new version of the compact QWERTY shown.  This differs from previous live images of the netbook that we have seen.

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