Dell Chrome OS netbooks in works tips exec

Dell executives have confirmed that the company is working with Google on putting Chrome OS, the search giant's cloud-centric platform, on future netbooks.  Speaking to Reuters, Amit Midha – Dell's president for Greater China and South Asia – said that "with Chrome or Android or anything like that we want to be one of the leaders," though declined to make any official announcements.

"There are going to be unique innovations coming up in the marketplace in two, three years, with a new form of computing," Midha explained, "[and] we want to be on that forefront."  Dell already works with Google in the smartphone space, offering Android-based handsets such as the Dell Mini 3 (aka the AT&T Dell Aero), while they are also tipped to be working on a range of tablets and netbooks according to a recent roadmap leak.

As for Google Chrome OS, that's expected to launch sometime this coming fall and bring machines roughly $300 to $400 in price.  Acer has already committed to producing at least one Chrome OS netbook, and is also apparently looking at tablets running the platform too.