Acer ebook reader, Chrome OS netbooks, App Store and tablet in works for 2010

Acer's plans for 2010 include ebook readers, Google Chrome OS netbooks, an app store and – potentially – a tablet running either a Microsoft or a Google platform, according to Jim Wong, the company's president of IT Products.  The executive has revealed that by the end of June, Acer will have announced its first 6-inch E Ink based ereader, around the same time that the company expects to launch an app store with titles for Android, Windows and Windows Mobile; Chrome OS support will follow on later.

In fact we'd expect app store support for Google Chrome OS to arrive roughly in time with Acer's first netbooks using the platform, themselves expected from Q3 2010.  Wong reckons Chrome OS  will power at least 10-percent of Acer's netbooks overall, though it seems that they could be dual-boot machines with both the open-source platform and Windows.

As for the tablet, all Wong would say is that "We're developing something, and we will see what happens ... We're going to work either in the Windows world or in Google's defined OS space."  Acer will be taking a wait-and-see approach, gaging the market in the aftermath of Apple's expected iPad launch this coming Wednesday.

[via Gizmodo]