Chrome Beta updates with improved fullscreen and fixed link redirects

Google has rolled out an update for Chrome Beta for Android, which is its snazzy Chrome browser for your favorite Android-based mobile device. As with past updates, this one brings along a couple of improvements to fix some common complaints users have, making the overall experience more pleasant and less frustrating. This time around, the update improves fullscreen and link redirects.

There aren't any new features in the update, but it does bring some fixes that frequent users will find pleasant – perhaps essential, depending on how frustating you consider the link redirect bug to be. If you're not familiar with the problem, just fire up an app and open a link from it with Chrome Beta – you'll probably discover it doesn't load, forcing you to refresh, at which point it may then load correctly.

That problem has finally been fixed with this update, to the relief of many if online complaints are anything to go by. Another issue fixed with this update is fullscreen mode, specifically with the "tab cropped in the tab switcher." It's a very minor change, so you're not likely to notice too much either way with this one, but it is worth mentioning. Also worth mentioning is a bux fix that concerned NBCnews.

Back on April 11, Chrome Beta for Android was updated so that it would automatically switch into fullscreen mode upon scrolling. In addition, a change was made to how Omnibox works, improving searches by eliminating the need to completely retype a query, a problem that was beyond frustrating and time consuming at times. With that update, searches can now be edited in the search bar.

[via Android Community]