Chrome Beta for Android updates with full-screen mode and improved Omnibox

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 11, 2013
Chrome Beta for Android updates with full-screen mode and improved Omnibox

Google rolled out a Chrome Beta update yesterday, bringing with it a couple of improvements that have been long-anticipated, and that provide Android users with some much-needed functionality. After updating, Chrome Beta for Android users will have easy full-screen Web browsing and improved search via Omnibox. The update can be grabbed now from the Play Store.

Users have been waiting quite a while for such the fullscreen feature added into Chrome, with it now automatically switching into the browsing mode when the user begins scrolling, causing the upper navigation bar to disappear from sight. By touching the screen, the navigation bar will reappear, making it all-around unobtrusive and convenient.

Swiping upwards will make the toolbar reappear with the URL field and navigation options, such as the back and refresh buttons. Fullscreen feature aside, the latest update also brings with it simpler searching than before by altering the way Omnibox search works. While the current version requires searches to be retyped in their entirety, after updating users will be able to edit queries via the search bar without hassle.

There are a few other more minor things, such as holding the back button to reveal search history and added client-side certificate support. There are also some known bugs, including a “noticeable lag” when typing in certain text fields, duplicate items in the history tab, slow tab opening on occasion, and possible flickering pages.

[via Android Community]

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