Can this $200 HP Windows notebook beat back Chrome?

It's time for HP's Stream laptop, a rather striking piece of equipment with a price point that's aiming directly as the new age of low-cost notebooks. HP also makes Chromebooks, so it's not as if they're aiming to destroy the Chromebook universe entirely. On the contrary. It's clear that HP has seen the light with low-cost machines, that there's a big market for them, and has brought on a Windows-toting notebook that fits the bill. And it's blue, too – Horizon Blue!

This isn't the only $200 notebook to run Windows 8.1 on the market today. Another example is the Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK, with the same processor and a slightly different display (and an extra $20 added to the bill.) There's also the Acer Aspire 11, with almost identical specifications – the same price, processor, RAM, and more.

But this is an HP machine, and it's blue. And if you're an HP sort of person, you know you'll never use a different kind of notebook.

This device also comes with $25 Windows Store credit for apps and media. You'll also get one free year of Office 365 Personal as well – that includes unlimited storage with OneDrive too.

Consider this as well: what if this were a tablet?

If HP delivered an 11.6-inch tablet with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and full Windows 8.1 for $200 USD, would you pick it up? No keyboard, but a touchscreen up front. How about that?