Callaway Chevy Corvette C8 First Edition to debut in Pennsylvania

American performance tuner Callaway will debut its Corvette C8 First Edition at the Corvettes at Carlisle event in Pennsylvania this week, the biggest and most prestigious Corvette gathering on Earth. Callaway unveiled a few teaser renderings of its Corvette Stingray on social media to commemorate its latest creation.

You probably heard about Callaway and its 255-mph Corvette C4 Sledgehammer (which went, umm, under the hammer last May), a car that cemented Callaway's reputation as one the best Corvette tuners the world over. The brand is also responsible for the Chevy Silverado SC602 Signature Edition, a modified truck that outruns the RAM TRX in a drag race.

So yeah, Callaway knows a thing or two about Chevys and Corvettes in general, and it seems Callaway is going all-in on its Chevy Corvette C8 First Edition. The renderings gave us an idea of what to expect, although the final details are arriving pretty soon. The all-new Callaway Corvette C8 will get a new front lip, custom side skirts, and a massive rear wing to improve downforce. It also has a new rear bumper, a carbon fiber diffuser, new multi-spoke racing wheels, and bespoke double-D rounded and center-mounted dual exhaust tips.

Those new aero appendages are pointing to more power under the hood, and we're expecting nothing less than a turbocharged or supercharged version of the stock C8 Corvette's 6.2-liter LT2 V8 engine. Callaway has yet to confirm the final specs, but it did say the upgraded engine will have a new intake and a ported manifold.

Still, we wouldn't be surprised if the Corvette First Edition has upwards of 550 horsepower and better low to mid-range torque, a significant increase from the C8's 490 horsepower and 465 pound-feet output. Of course, the all-new Callaway Corvette C8 First Edition will come with bespoke interior touches like embroidered floor mats and premium Alcantara on the steering wheel and door sills.

We'll be back to examine all the great details of Callaway's newest C8 Corvette First Edition. The Corvettes at Carlisle event will run from August 26 to 28, 2021, and the new Callaway Corvette will be on display at the Callaway Cars booth in Manufacturer's Midway.