Bodyguardz iPhone 5 Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector Review

The folks at Bodyguardz have created an all-glass screen protector for the iPhone 5 that's only the second such solution on the market we've seen after the Spigen SGP GLAS.t and tR – blink and you might mistake one for the other. This is essentially a whole extra pane of glass that you place on top of your standard iPhone screen with slightly rounded corners and cut-out holes for your home button and earpiece. This version of the glass screen protector comes in at .4mm thick and boasts at 8H+ surface hardness, too.

What's the difference, then, between this solution and the solution they've got over at Spigen SGP? Not one whole heck of a lot, that's for sure. In fact, if you look at the specifications of the Spigen SGP GLAS.tR, they're nearly identical. Both glass panes work with a completely transparent body, both have the holes cut out in the same places, and they really, truly feel like they were designed by the same group. That's either really good taste on the parts of both companies, or they've got the same single license owner for the original technology – the makeup of the glass and the design.

While we investigate further, know this: this glass screen protector works fabulously. It's extremely strong, thing enough that it's not in as much danger of cracking as the thicker solutions, and it feels really good to use. On that note though, you should know that the edges MIGHT chip if you bang the glass around enough. It's said to be hard as steel, but chips can happen to anyone.

Note: If you have a toddler at home who uses your iPhone often, this is not the screen protector to get – the same goes for all glass-based screen protectors. We've seen glass screen protectors break in the past, and we're not convinced beyond the safety of our kids' fingers that it wont happen again, no matter the manufacturer.

That said, it does indeed protect your iPhone's display just about as well as you could possibly hope for. This protector applies in a single push, results in no bubbles (unless you're really, really unlucky), and is entirely transparent. This solution is available for sale from Bodyguardz online right this minute for $39.95 USD and the box contains installation instructions, an alcohol wipe / cleaner, micro fiber cleaning cloth, and the glass screen protector itself.

You also get a couple of bubble home button stickers since putting this protector on your iPhone results in a home button that's a bit deeper than you're used to – I personally like to stay away from the sticker because this way I'm not having any accidental chats with Siri, but to each their own! Have fun with it!