HTC ThunderBolt BodyGuardz Decorative Armor Application Demo

If you follow the posts of myself and Vince very closely, you'll know that we're both currently carrying around the brand new HTC ThunderBolt (amongst many other competitor devices, I'm sure you're aware.) It's important that when we carry around a device for review that we take care of it. We can't be holding onto a device in brand new condition then return it all broken and busted up! Therefor we were happy to hear from BodyGuardz, a group that offered us the opportunity to grab a couple of custom-cut ThunderBolt skins straight from their "Armor" line.

In the video you're about to experience, you'll see Vince showing off several of BodyGuardz products, a couple applied to the iPad 2, a Motorola XOOM featuring what appears to be the same material as the Armor we've been given for the ThunderBolt, and again, a similar skin for the iPhone 4. What Vince performs is a simple application of the ThunderBolt skin to his own ThunderBolt handset. It may be important to note here that the fine folks at BodyGuardz literally cut for us, custom, that day, the ThunderBolt skin you see in the video here as well as the one I apply on Android Community.

[vms a25df2a0ef2ae1067d91]

What you should pay attention to is the difficulty level at which these skins or armors are situated at, the playability of the material that makes up the skin, and the ease in which the skin is removed from the device and re-applied in the case of a misalignment. These skins come in a variety of textures, colors, designs, and the whole 9 yards. We'll be reviewing more than one of their products in the future once we get them in the mail – wrap em up!