BMW pioneers new EcoPaintJet Pro vehicle painting process

German automaker BMW has unveiled its pioneering new paint application process developed with leading mechanical and plant engineering firm Dürr. BMW's innovative EcoPaintJet Pro is a dream come true by offering multiple benefits. The method uses less paint, is overspray-free, and can use two colors to achieve a custom paint job without masking.

"This smart painting technology meets all the requirements for an innovative production process and also offers unique customer benefits," said Milan Nedejkovic, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

However, does EcoPaintJet Pro mean the end of custom paint garages? Not yet, at least for now. According to BMW, the new technology allows using two paint colors to create a contrasting roof, racing stripes, and other designs, "offering customers virtually limitless options for individualization," said BMW.

When painting a new car, the standard procedure uses atomized paint that electrostatically adheres to the body. BMW's EcoPaintJet Pro does not use electrostatics. Instead, it relies on a jet application to coat the panel. The process does not require paint separation and uses the least amount of air and energy. Furthermore, EcoPaintJet Pro prevents overspray, something we thought we wouldn't see in our lifetime.

BMW further adds EcoPaintJet Pro produces energy savings of up to 6,000 megawatt-hours and reduces carbon footprint by nearly 2,000 tons based on 7,000 operating hours. BMW will use this innovative paint application technology for the first time in painting 19 BMW M4 Coupes with custom two-tone paint and M4 identifications on the bonnet and trunk. "We expect the highest standards of efficiency, sustainability, and digitalization from our production," concludes Nedejkovic.

The EcoPaintJet Pro application process is for waterborne base coasts and 2K clear coats. Instead of utilizing a rotating bell that spins at 55,000 rpm to atomize the paint, EcoPaintJet Pro uses an orifice plate to apply between 1 and 50 millimeters of high-definition paint thickness. The process involves robots and software to achieve maximum precision.

All 19 custom-painted BMW M4 Coupes will enter service in the brand's fleet. BMW will start using its newest paint process for series production in 2022.