BlackBerry Storm firmware leaks

A further unofficial firmware for the BlackBerry Storm has leaked, with those brave enough to install the software onto their smartphones reporting further improvements in accelerometer screen rotation and typing responsiveness.  Firmware version is tipped as the next official release from Verizon Wireless, who haven't issued an update since the end of November.

The update follows a similarly unreleased firmware, version, which was spotted in the wild earlier in December.  That too improved responsiveness, as well as tweaking the camera performance and on-screen keyboard.  However no update has conclusively addressed all of the significant issues users have complained of since the Storm's launch.

As with any unofficial update, you install at your own risk.  While many users have reported a more stable and usable handset, there are others complaining of shorter battery life and alternative instabilities; in some cases, pulling the battery and forcing the smartphone to reset has righted some of the problems.

[via CrunchGear]