Verizon pushes out BlackBerry Storm OS update to fix common issues

The BlackBerry Storm has just received the first of the two promised updates, however this update is not available to just anyone. OS (Application Version .75) is only available to BES users and must be pushed out by the BES Network Administrator.

This update OS (Application Version .75), is suppose to address multiple bugs in OS v4.7.0.65, including the sudden change in volume when using a wired headset. Users using a wired headset while listening to music are reporting at sudden increase in volume to the highest level. Another issue reported occurs when using voice-activated dialing, customers often experienced muted incoming audio when trying to use this feature.

The last commonly reported issue is the all too familiar spontaneous rebooting of the handset.  Often times the BlackBerry Storm will reboot itself while using multimedia applications or while sitting idle. We will be testing out this update the next few days in hope that these issues have been resolved. We will be sure to keep you updated as to our findings.

[Via BlackBerryNews]