BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition revealed, so very shiny

If you were one of the many doubters in the lifespan of BlackBerry over the past few years, you might want to check yourself. Revealing a new edition of the BlackBerry Passport this morning, BlackBerry has once again proven themselves a company that – believe it or not – isn't going anywhere fast. They might not be one of the top smartphone makers for sales at the moment, but darn it all if they can't continue shipping smartphones – big, boxy smartphones that match the size of your real passport.

This device first made its debut in September of 2014. Back then it was a surprising move from a company that was mostly in the news for their less-than-stellar earnings and loss of staff. The very odd shape of this device appears to have kept it afloat long enough to demand more than a couple different editions – this one's the most silvery.

This is the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. This device works with a stainless steel frame and "diamond pattern soft touch back."

In this one key place, the BlackBerry Passport matches its competitors highest-end devices. Metal, the key to all success in the smartphone world here in 2015.

This device is one of three editions on the market today. There's also the standard BlackBerry Passport – similar in shape to this Silver Edition, and the BlackBerry Passport at AT&T, an edition with slightly more rounded edges. You can purchase the Silver Edition through BlackBerry online today.