BlackBerry Hamburg Android Phone Release Date Soon, FCC Now

This week the folks at BlackBerry have had their latest Android device revealed by the FCC. Re-revealed, we might say, as the device was first leaked several weeks ago with its partner, both BlackBerry smartphones running Android. This device is being shown by the FCC this week with model name STH100-2 (RJD211LW) with GSM quad-band, UMTS penta-band, and LTE deca-band connectivity technology inside. We will very likely see this device released inside the United States very soon.

Both the Hamburg and the Rome will be running Android in a version very similar to that of the first BlackBerry Android phone, the BlackBerry Priv. This device had (has) a slide-out keyboard with touchpad capabilities, while the Hamburg and the Rome will be ever-so-slightly different.

The Hamburg will have a larger touchscreen interface with a flat front panel, while the Rome will have a keyboard that's straight up and in front, like it was built to be there. The Rome also seems that it'll roll with a set of curved sides, not unlike the Priv.

Android BlackBerry Hamburg benchmarks reveal innards

Both devices seem like they may – possibly – have front-facing speakers. At this time this information – as it is with all information above save the FCC bit – is unofficial. We'll need to wait until BlackBerry reveals its full set of release-day data to get the full story.

The most recent (and most probably credible) report from anonymous sources familiar with the matter suggests that BlackBerry will deliver between 1 and 3 Android smartphones before the end of 2016. It would make the most sense to release this slightly more traditional model first before the keyboard-laden company released another keyboard-laden Android device.

This news of an FCC appearance from Times News suggests that the Hamburg would be the first of this Android pack to reach the USA.

Now if BlackBerry can get the pricing right this time around, they might have a business-oriented Android smartphone worth working with. That, or Apple will continue their sweep.