Black Diamond III multi-sensory bluetooth speaker hits the lights

It's not directly related to the fabulous early hit by the Hottest Band in the World, but will certainly look good while you're playing it: this is the Black Diamond III multi-sensory Bluetooth speaker. This machine is the first Bluetooth speaker "capable of mimicking music beats and rhythms through color and movement," so says Sales and Marketing Manager of Acase Tom Hsieh. And for those of you wondering why there's a "III" on the tail of this little ball of magic, you'll want to head back to the Black Diamond archives more than once.

This device is alternately titled BlackDiamond3 depending on where you look for it, and though its predecessors worked with the iPhone as a dock, this unit opens up to the full smart device universe with Bluetooth integration. You'll be working with your iOS devices, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone – and whatever else you can connect with Bluetooth, notebooks included. Each unit contains two high-quality "diamond clear" left/right 3W*2 speakers and work with a remote control as well.

Inside you'll find a fixed or flow set of colors up to what the folks at Yantouc say are "16,000,000 colors." To power this device up all you've got to do is plug in via its AC-to-USB adapter and roll out with only 5W, 100 to 240V AC. This machine also has a bass resonant tube inside for low frequency music and a built-in equalizer for improving audio response by 10dB – hot stuff!

Even the packaging has been pumped up to make this unit "good for a gift" as they say with an 8-edges diamond design, all for $120 USD MSRP. We'll be taking a good hands-on look at this device later this week – stay tuned! Meanwhile have a peek at our most recent gift guide for audio equipment to say up to date on what's been fabulous this year – 2012, the year of the Bluetooth boom!