Bitcoin news is not price: Weiss Ratings, Snoop, and Katy Perry

There's a reason why today's reveal of Weiss Ratings for Cryptocurrency are important – and it's not the ratings themselves. You don't need to look to WeissCryptocurrencyRatings dot com to understand the significance of the company's move to open such a site. It is in the creation of this new "ratings" group that we find meaning. That and the DDOS attack South Korean hackers launched at the new site overnight.

The importance of these new crypto-aimed Weiss Ratings are in their existence, not in their content. Consisting of a collection of traditional investment brokers, some that've been in the business for decades, some that've been in the business their whole lives. To create a whole ratings system with this sort of effort means crypto's here, and it's not going anywhere for quite a while.

South Korean hackers apparently saw the ratings Weiss had posted – a measly C+ for Bitcoin itself, for example. They decided they weren't happy about the grades, and went on to launch a major DDOS attack against the site. Or so Weiss says. They apparently mitigated the attack and went on to write more blogs on the subject.

Another company – slightly more contemporary, this time – Robinhood decided to get in on the crypto universe, too. This is an investment app that says they do everything without fees to the end user. That'll get em coming in in droves – maybe. At least Coinbase will have some competition, at last.

Meanwhile Snoop Dogg all but announced he was in the game this afternoon too. This comes in the same week that 50 Cent discovered he was sitting on a pile of Bitcoin worth around $8-million USD. No big deal – but just saying, that's the top, y'all.

Also Katy Perry posted her new "$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$" early this mornign to show the coins she was all about. That's what you're seeing at the head of this article. I'm not sure what else is the top if this isn't it.

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