Belkin FlyWire wireless HD/HDMI system canceled

Last we heard – and admittedly it was a long time ago, all the way back in October last year – Belkin's FlyWire wireless HD/HDMI system was "delayed".  Now Belkin admit that the system's proposed $1,499 sticker price "would be out of line given the current state of the economy" and have thus pulled the plug.


"Last year, Belkin announced FlyWire™, a wireless HD transmitter that delivers high-definition video and audio wirelessly to any TV, anywhere in your home. We realize that its retail price of $1499 would be out of line given the current state of the economy. With that in mind, we've opted to halt production of FlyWire. We will no longer be introducing FlyWire to the market at this time. We know there will be some disappointed folks out there, but our end goal is to introduce products that are accessible and that make sense in the current environment." Belkin official statement 

The FlyWire promised to transmit 108op/24 Full HD video between multiple sources and an HDTV or projector, while still preserving HDCP for copyright-protected content.  Announced all the way back at CES 2008, it was only ever going to appeal to high-end users looking to declutter their A/V rooms.

Wireless HDMI and cable-free Full HD still seem to be a long way off.  A number of PC-to-HDTV systems are either available or in the pipeline – Atlona announced a USB to VGA/HDMI adapter this week, while the ASUS Eee Keyboard nettop has optional wireless HDMI – but standalone setups, especially those supporting 1080p, are still conspicuous by their absence.

[via Engadget]