Belkin FlyWire Wireless HD box delayed

Brenda Barron - Oct 23, 2008
Belkin FlyWire Wireless HD box delayed

Oh, the world of wireless HDTV just keeps slipping beyond our grasp! And though we know it will come eventually, it’s frustrating, to say the least, that the technology keeps being put off.

The Belkin FlyWire Wireless HD box has been delayed. Debuted back at CES 2008, the box was supposed to start shipping this month. But that now seems to be out of the question. We won’t even being seeing the FlyWire in action at the 2009 CES!

We want to wirelessly send a 1080p Blu-ray signal! It sounds pretty cool! All of this waiting business is just no fun. But I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel. Melody Chalaban, a a Belkin spokeswoman talked to Engadget about the Belkin device, noting it’s being delayed because of “compliance issues” and will be available in “late January 2009.”

[via Electronic House]

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