Behind the Scenes with gaming’s most important 90 minutes

Chris Burns - Jun 13, 2014
Behind the Scenes with gaming’s most important 90 minutes

This year at E3 2014, Xbox head Phil Spencer started the show with the following: “today we are dedicating our entire briefing to games.” This presentation was to be a big change of attention for Microsoft, showing not only that the Xbox One was dedicated to games, but that Microsoft was dedicated to Xbox, not least of all with the singular vision of Phil Spencer.

Today we get to go behind the scenes with a short documentary presented by Microsoft showing the preparation that went into E3 2014’s Xbox event.


Above you’ll see an image of a representative of Zed Ink standing alongside Spencer back in the 1st of June, 2014. This was to be the last rehearsal date before the team had their presentation “locked” and ready to go.

Zed Ink has been working with Microsoft on Xbox presentations for many years. They helped arrange the Xbox 360 presentation and the first introduction of Xbox Live Arcade, they helped arrange the presentation of the Xbox One, and they’ve helped with marketing key games such as Titanfall.

Above you’ll see several images shared by Zed Ink to present the varied works they’ve done with Microsoft for Xbox. Below you’ll see Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb describing the stage that the Xbox show would be presented on for E3 2014.


Finally – in the documentary bit presented by Xbox – you’ll find the journey of 300 lucky fans invited to go along with the Xbox team to the 90-minute presentation as well as the following three days at E3. These fans were chosen at random and brought to E3 for the entire event series.

Now we wait to see if Sony or Nintendo present a mini-documentary about their E3 2014 journey as well. We’d love to see it!

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