Ballmer: Microsoft "are not interested in e-readers"

Amazon are looking to foreign climes with the Kindle, Barnes & Noble are preparing to make a splash with both monochrome and color ebook devices, but Steve Ballmer doesn't reckon his customers care about standalone ebook readers.  Speaking to reporters in the Netherlands this week, the outspoken Microsoft CEO revealed that his company has no plans for creating a dedicated device: "We have a device for reading. It's the most popular device in the world. It's the PC."However, Ballmer suggests Microsoft is open to partnerships with ebook vendors such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.   "I would love to see companies like Amazon and others bring their books to the PC, hopefully we can get that to happen with Barnes & Noble or Amazon or somebody," Ballmer said.Still, those vendors shouldn't expect Microsoft to develop a device to best showcase their wares; "No, we are not interested in e-readers ourselves" Ballmer reiterated.  Unfortunately nobody thought to ask the CEO whether the rumored Microsoft Courier might not be an ideal platform for ebook consumption.[via Loren Heiny]