Will Shanklin

Albuquerque, NM
University Of California, Irvine, West Virginia University
Mobile Technology, Wearable Technology, VR, Consumer Technology
  • Will began writing about consumer technology nearly 12 years ago, as smartphones began shifting from niche luxuries to ubiquitous necessities.
  • He spent five years building and running a thriving mobile-technology space at New Atlas (formerly Gizmag).
  • Will has interviewed top technology executives and developers, and he's reviewed a long list of consumer gear. He loves presenting content in a way that's as clear, digestible, and visually engaging as possible.


Will Shanklin's career covering consumer technology in the media has included working at publications including TechRadar, Digital Trends, AppleInsider, Android Central, Geek, and HuffPost. As one of seven graduating students in his graduating class from UC Irvine’s renowned drama program, he later played a supporting role for an Oscar-nominated director and starred in a national commercial for the Disney Channel.


Will’s highly unconventional career path started far from the tech world. He has two arts degrees (MFA and BFA in theatre).
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