Dylan Hofer

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Anderson University
History, Science, Politics
  • Dylan is currently the most viewed author for UninvitedSF, a blog that focuses on politics, science, tech, philosophy, and more.
  • A publication called 'An Injustice!' with thousands of followers published an article of Dylan's on the platform Medium.
  • One of the first articles Dylan ever wrote on the platform Medium became a hit overnight, garnering hundreds of views within hours of being posted.


Dylan has always been fond of the art of storytelling but started writing professionally when he was 17 years old. After offering to write for a small publication called UninvitedSF, Dylan's proved himself to be quite adept at his craft. Focusing mainly on politics, science, history, and philosophy, Dylan's articles consistently captivated audiences and were often the most viewed on the platform. He then got a political essay published on 'An Injustice!', where he received positive feedback. Currently, Dylan continues to write for UninvitedSF and also his local tabletop roleplaying group, where he writes stories based on historical events and mythology in fantastical lands for his friends to explore.


Dylan is currently attending Anderson University and studying social studies education with a specialization in history. This allows him to gain knowledge on the topics he's writing about while growing his passion for studying the world around him.
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