Audi T-Mobile in-vehicle data plans revealed starting at $15 a month

This week the folks at Audi and T-Mobile have let it be known that they're going to offer data plans in the near future that allow drivers to be connected at an extremely affordable rate. Connected, that is, to mobile data inside their Audi next-generation Connected Vehicles. You'll be rolling out with web connectivity for a variety of apps and services anywhere you drive for as little as $15 USD a month!

What we're talking about here is the T-Mobile data plan you'll be using in your Audi vehicle equipped with Audi connect. With T-Mobile data you'll be paying a cool $450 USD for full data service over the course of 30 months – there's also a six-month free trial period you get at the time of your purchase. That equals out to be just $15 or month if you pick up that one lump sum! There's also a $30 USD month-to-month service plan if you'd like less of a contract situation.

Above you're seeing a demonstration of what Audi connect brings to you on their next-generation line of vehicles. Hot tip – we've been reporting on this fabulous technology integration since all the way back at Audi's CES 2012 keynote – going big with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor integration and ultra-fast data speeds!

With T-Mobile data you'll be rolling out with Audi connect's connections to Google Earth, Google Voice Local Search, and a collection of other online services straight from Audi like news, gas prices, travel information, and weather! You'll also be able to share internet inside the vehicle to up to 8 devices on the same data plan – no need to have two data plans working at once!

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