ASUS Transformer Prime gets ICS video tease

NVIDIA has tossed a new video up onto YouTube that shows one of the NVIDIA folks walking through a few features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. You can see the video for yourself at the bottom of this story. The demos are interesting, even if a bit brief. The Transformer Prime packs in the Tegra 3 quad core processor and will be the first tablet to land with that Tegra 3 hiding inside.

The demos show off the new drag and drop features of the home screen for moving things into folders. The video shows the menu so you can see that it's running Android 4.0. I can't read anything that is in the menu though. The transitions effects is one of the things NVIDIA shows off. Those effects are fast and look really good.

Pay special close attention to the 1080p high profile playback. That's not just coming from Ice Cream Sandwich per-say, but is certainly enhanced by it, as Android 4.0 makes better use of your GPU cores for graphic-intensive tasks leaving your CPU cores to do the tasks they were meant to, more behind the scenes. NVIDIA makes a point to provide education on how their processors work and have ramped up the effort for this newest Tegra 3 system on chip with info sets we've got in posts NVIDIA Tegra 3 revealed, the everloving blue-eyed fifth-core, and of course everybody's favorite, variable SMP.

The demonstration also shows video playback, which is again very smooth and looks high quality. The thing I like best about the video is the demo of gaming on the tablet with ICS. The water effects on the game used in the video are very impressive to say the least. Check out the video for yourself. We have reviewed ICS in the past if you want more detail. The official Asus webpage for the Transformer Prime went live today, and you can take a peek at a comparison collection with the iPhone 4 and the DROID RAZR, then be sure to hit up the official announcement post for the Transformer Prime, and of course some pre-release benchmarks which place this device right at the top of the power stack. Stay tuned to SlashGear for a review of the tablet-based Ice Cream Sandwich as well as a review of the Transformer Prime as soon as we get the chance!

[via Android Community]